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Important Note: The tutorials you will find on this blog may become outdated with new versions of the program. We have now added a series of built-in tutorials in the application which are accessible from the Help menu.
You should run these to discover the Hub.

In this tutorial, you are going to learn how to download whole collections of pictures with just a few clicks using OutWit Hub.

If you have ever surfed the Web in search of images to illustrate a presentation, get photos of your favorite stars or simply cool desktop backgrounds, you know that collecting large series of images and saving them to your computer can be tedious especially if you have to download them one by one. (See also OutWit Images)

With Outwit Hub, you can do this with the simple click of a few buttons.

1. Launch OutWit Hub

If you haven’t installed OutWit Hub yet, please refer to the Getting Started with OutWit Hub tutorial.

Open Firefox 3.0 and then click the OutWit Button in the Firefox toolbar.

If the icon is not visible, in the menu bar, select Tools -> OutWit -> OutWit Hub

OutWit Hub will open to the Web page currently loaded in Firefox 3.0.

2. Select the Web Page

In the address bar, type the URL of the website you want, or type any string to search and OutWit Hub will look for it using the preferred search engine selected in Firefox.

In this example, let’s grab pictures from the photo gallery contained on:

In the “Page” view, you can see the Web page as you would in any ordinary Web browser.

Select the “Images” view.

Here, you have a table listing all the pictures found in the current Web page, with their characteristics, i.e. file name, size, source, etc. Double-clicking on a thumbnail will bring you to the high-resolution photo.

3. Select the Pictures you Want

Click to select the pictures you want. The selected rows are highlighted in blue.

If you want to select several pictures, hold down the ctrl or cmd key and select the rows you want. To select them all, you can use the shortcuts ctrl-A or cmd-A.

4. Download the Pictures

Select “Save selected files in…” from the File menu and choose the destination folder.

Downloading will begin and depending on the number of pictures and their sizes this can take awhile. If you receive an error when trying to open one of the images on your desktop, it probably means that the download is not complete.

Depending on your Firefox preferences, the download window may pop up for every single download. You can alter this option, if you prefer, to download the images in the background without being disturbed.

If you want to hide them, switch back to the Firefox window and select Tools -> Options

The Options window will appear. In the “Main” tab, uncheck the box saying “Show the Downloads window when downloading a file.”


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8 Responses to “Download Pictures from a Web Page”

  1. ramon Says:

    is it a way to have included into downloaded image files some IPTC information, as author, comments, description and so on?

  2. pr Says:

    Hi Ramon,

    It seems to be a good idea, also for EXIF data. I’ve put it a our todo list, but we have a lot of other work to do so I can’t tell you when we’ll do it.

  3. Miles Says:

    Thank you for creating this plugin.

    It might be helpful to ask a person who has never used this plugin to try it out while you stand behind them and watch…all without saying a word of hint. That would help you see it through the eyes of a newbie and see if any improvements to it (or its help files) could be made.

  4. jcc Says:

    You are right Miles. We have, already and we will do this more as new things always come out of this. I don’t know if you have noticed, but the online Help is being progressively added (at last!). However, the real test will be when we release the OutWit Hub v.1.1 with the mashup maker. Then, users will be helped with wizards to produce their own mashups. We have the engine and the wheels, but the body and the dashboard are coming… 🙂

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  7. VectorBoy Says:

    Thank for your plugin!
    Looks perfect. What about the IPTC?
    Hat off for your great job, thanks

  8. Risparmio Says:

    Wonderfull plugin! Now I can download really quickly all the picture that I need!