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Versions for Firefox 3.6 are online

Saturday, January 23rd, 2010

Thank you for your abundant feedback. We have put version online with a few new functions as well as a list of features and fixes recently requested. We didn’t manage to exactly synchronize this update with the release of FF 3.6. but we have now corrected most glitches in the last 48 hours. We may have a to release updates a little more frequently during this month as we will try to go down the beta-test feedback and wish list as rapidly as possible in the coming weeks.

Thank you in advance for your patience.


We Wish You a Beautiful and Happy Year 2010

Sunday, January 3rd, 2010

… We will try to help with our programs and make your life easier.

The new Kernel has been online for a few weeks now and we seem to have fixed all the regressions (not so many, in fact, after such fundamental architectural changes). I believe we can now advise those who haven’t done it yet, to install the updates as the general feedback is pretty positive.

You will, however, find very few features of the upcoming OutWit Hub Pro in the 0.8.9.x versions. These features will only be included progressively in the 0.9.x updates, as the very last beta versions before we release v 1.0. Your feedback will of course be very much appreciated.

We will be glad to propose the Pro version for half the price to all those (officially beta testers or not) who will have helped us identify or fix bugs or who have suggested new features which have been implemented or included in our to do list. So, please, do not hesitate to register on and share your comments on the program.

Note about the use of your email address: We have never sent our registered users a single e-mail or newsletter up to now. We really dislike invasive mass e-mailings and the least we can do is respect our own principles. So you can be assured that your privacy is safe with us. A few weeks before the release of the Hub 1.0, we will nevertheless propose the update to our beta testers and users, as well as a feedback form for those who have a little time. We promise that this will be very exceptional.

Cheers to all.