Versions for Firefox 3.6 are online

Thank you for your abundant feedback. We have put version online with a few new functions as well as a list of features and fixes recently requested. We didn’t manage to exactly synchronize this update with the release of FF 3.6. but we have now corrected most glitches in the last 48 hours. We may have a to release updates a little more frequently during this month as we will try to go down the beta-test feedback and wish list as rapidly as possible in the coming weeks.

Thank you in advance for your patience.



4 Responses to “Versions for Firefox 3.6 are online”

  1. Sprauch Says:

    Great work guys!

  2. Dennis Says:

    You are the best!!!

  3. Vo Kim Dien from Viet Nam Says:


    i have a question : how to selected multi-image, because i cannot drag an drop multi image from above-slide to under-slide 🙁 only drap-and-drop one image @_@

    sorry, my english grammar is bad

  4. jcc Says:

    @Vo Kim Dien: You are right, we must add multiple selection there. It is definitely in our to do list.

    (NOTE: Please, do use the suggestion link rather than posting a comment to the blog for support tickets to be followed.)