Our mission is to provide the Web community with a simple Web automation environment (finally) allowing everyone to harvest data elements, documents or media from virtually any public (and legal) source of content. The technology is open and will eventually provide an API and wizards to build simple and efficient tools. 

The OutWit Platform is composed of a kernel that contains a large library of data recognition and extraction functions, around which an unlimited number of original extensions —called outfits— can be developed, using the kernel’s features for specific applications. An outfit is a small extension with its own user interface, features, scripts and directory of Web sources. Some outfits will be developed by us, but most, hopefully, will be developed by our users who have a specific need or passion.

Our first outfit, OutWit Hub, is a multi-purpose development & showcase application, in which we have gathered the largest possible number of features, hoping to cover a large spectrum of needs. The Hub will keep evolving and should become a very useful tool for advanced users. However, the real objective of this technology is to build simple, straight-to-the-point applications:

  1. a simple tool to collect images
  2. a simple tool to find a job
  3. a simple tool to follow the news in handball
  4. a simple tool to … (this is why we will never succeed without you.)

At this point, the applications are countless; only you can steer us in the right direction(s).