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You Can Download v3.0 Now.

Friday, October 26th, 2012

After six Release Candidates, OutWit Hub version 3.0 is now working smoothly. We still have some work on tutorials, the help and our back-office before we can officially release but, as we know that some of you are anxious to update, here is the link to the download page. Please give us your feedback on it. We think you’ll like it. However, if you encounter any problem, you can always rollback to 2.1 by typing outwit:downgrade in the address bar of OutWit Hub.

Hope you enjoy it.

Firefox next version

Friday, October 19th, 2012

The next version of Firefox v17.0, currently in beta, stopped supporting an important library for handling XML data. We are currently replacing this code in the OutWit Kernel, but the missing library is the reason why the add-on versions of our programs cannot be used with Firefox 17 (beta) for the moment. Please use the release version (v16.x) instead. (Naturally, this only concerns the users of our Firefox Add-ons. OutWit Hub standalone is not impacted by this issue.)