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Alpha 3 is ready.

Saturday, March 8th, 2008

For the first time we can actually collect tens (or hundreds) of images or PDF files on a topic, simply saving them in a folder on the hard disk and letting OutWit Hub do the job. Of course, the feature did work in the original standalone prototype, but it is good to finally see it in action in the Firefox extension.

Starting Up

Friday, March 7th, 2008

OutWit Technologies is a startup created last year around a simple, tremendously ambitious and quite fun project: allow any non-geeky Web user say “I asked my computer to search the Web for all the (…) that (…)”.

On the way to a suite of smooth and intuitive products, we will release often: First for advanced users, then for everyone. We are first going to release (hopefully before April) the “Kernel”, with a whole library of recognition and extraction features, and the “Hub”, a first user interface in which we’ll try to fit as many of the Kernel features as possible. Then, one by one, we will release more focused applications using the Kernel —each with one clear purpose and very few buttons— to collect images, to search an old friend on the net, or to find a job…

But hopefully, most applications will come from our users, and we will make a point of keeping an open architecture, building (and documenting as soon as we can) an API for all Mozilla developers to create their own tools around the OutWit Kernel.