OutWit Hub Enterprise Edition Is Coming

We are getting close to the release of OutWit Hub Enterprise edition.
OutWit Kernel v.4.0.7 is preparing the path. For all our users, version 4.0.7 is an interesting update, fixing a few issues, simplifying fast scraping and optimizing performances.

The upcoming Enterprise edition is going to allow those of you who use OutWit Hub for intensive extraction workflows, to improve processes dramatically. Here are some of the additional features this new version brings to the Hub:

  • Functions like “Fast-Scrape Current Website”, “Fast-Scrape Domains Of Selected Links” or “Fast Scraping + Dig + Browse” can multiply the speed of your extractions of static pages by a factor of 10 or 20.
  • For those who have dozens of scrapers and macros, the new projects view allows you to organize your automators.
  • A long list of directives and functions have been added to make your scrapers much more powerful, including #download# to download files directly from the scraper, #default# to assign default values to fields, #sendToQueries# to automatically grab URLs to be used in other macros, ! and ? to make fields required or optional, etc.
  • Each total/concatenation function #FIRST#, #AVERAGE#, #CONCAT#…, is now applicable either to the whole page or per record and these functions can now be used within other functions.
  • System commands can now be included in OutWit jobs.
  • OutWit Jobs can be run from a command line and added to system scripts.
  • You can snif and intercept POST queries from within OutWit Hub and even make replacements in outgoing queries.
  • All frames of the page source can now be processed by a scraper.
  • and much more.

We have an even longer list of very powerful functions that will be added in the coming updates.
All these are pretty advanced features, only useful to you if you use OutWit Hub for high-volume extractions or tricky cases, but if you do use our application a lot, I would definitely advise you to upgrade. The program will be officially released in September, however, for those who cannot wait, the pre-release version is available during the summer, with a 25% discount. Ask us for the coupon and the link to purchase here. (4.0.7 is a release version, not a beta-test version, but several fine-tuning and optimization updates will be made before September.)


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