Outwit Hub beta 1 now released

OutWit Hub beta 1 is online.This build (OutWit Kernel & OutWit Hub includes all the base features and fixes the major bugs after the last period of Alpha testing. We sincerely hope you will enjoy it. Please give us your feedback.



5 Responses to “Outwit Hub beta 1 now released”

  1. ebrunet Says:

    Congratulations!!! Great job.

  2. Jonathan Belgourari Says:

    Felicitations !

  3. Rodolphe Says:

    Congratulations. Very nice beginning…

  4. Jeff Imig Says:

    I’m wanting to dig into this, but… appears to not be compatible with FF3?

    And… will we be getting a developers’ version, or documentation of how to make our own xul that calls it?

    Inquiring minds want to know!


  5. ebrunet Says:

    FF3 version is coming very soon, Jeff. We are working on three things at the moment: OutWit Images, the FF3 Version of the Kernel + OutWit Hub and the documented API…

    Thanks very much for your impatience!