The baby

The current source code of the Kernel and the first outfits already represent over 50,000 lines of javascript, XUL and c++, the work and guts of six developers, an absurd number of sleepless nights, over 148 sacks of Haribo gummy bears, some teeth gnashing, some mouse smashing and quite some laughs… Finally, I have to say we are proud of the baby.¬†Of course, we are still very far from a brushed-up, documented and bugless release version, with an API. This will be v1.0. Still, even before the API is ready and stabilized, we believe that this 0.7 version already gives enough flesh for tech savvy users to start playing around and produce their own tools.


One Response to “The baby”

  1. joe Says:

    Can we get an update on the number of sacks of gummy bears?