A New Kernel

We have been extremely busy in the last weeks with the complete refactoring of the OutWit Kernel, preparing the way for the advanced automation functionalities of OutWit Hub Pro. The coming version 0.8.9 will be the first using our new core library. You will not see very radical changes yet, except for the scraper editor, which should make many of you happy. Here are the changes that you will find:

The brand new scraper manager and editor

The big red Stop button that many have been asking for (which, by the way, also allows to abort ‘Apply Scraper to URLs’ processes)

A few changes in the interface, to prepare the integration of new automators in the following versions.

We will then soon release version 0.9 of the Kernel. As for all previous pre-releases, our outfits (including OutWit Hub Pro) will still be offered to you for free during a beta-test period of a few weeks. If you register as a beta tester during that period, you will then have the options to either purchase the 1.0 version at a reduced price when it is released, or to revert to the Light version (which will remain free and feature most of the functions you have been using up to versions 0.8.x., including the scrapers, but without the latest additions).


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11 Responses to “A New Kernel”

  1. Sprauch Says:

    Can’t wait. Great tool, possibility to become magnificent 🙂

  2. IWannaBeAnOutWitBetaTester Says:

    Love your products. Where do I sign?

  3. Chuck Says:

    How does one get access to the beta version?

  4. jcc Says:

    We are almost there. We will have the first release candidate of the beta next week.

  5. Sprauch Says:

    Feel free to send me a message if you want a thorough beta-tester 😉
    End of “next week” almost here, checking in regularly. Keep up the good work!

  6. jcc Says:

    🙂 You are right. In fact, we do have a release candidate for the Hub, but, as the Kernel is shared by all outfits we are still working on Images and Docs. We wish all outfits to be ready before we put the new Kernel update online. If it is not totally the case early next week we can send a beta package for the Hub to those who are in a hurry… Cheers.

  7. Sprauch Says:

    Much appreciated. Good things come to those who wait, correct? 🙂

  8. Bill Says:

    Been using your program daily for more then a year, would love to beta test pro.

  9. jcc Says:

    The new beta versions of the Kernel (0.8.9) and all the outfits can be downloaded from the site. The general update will be proposed automatically in a few days.

  10. narlina Says:


    been using outwit hub for quite a while, and i have to admit, it has helped a lot. when will you guys release the macros? i would love to try them.

  11. jcc Says:

    The first beta with pro features including macros should come before feb 15. In fact the current version uses the new Kernel and already includes many of the base features. We are going to put them in operation progressively but the fundamental architecture is there.