OutWit Docs beta was released

We released the first public version of OutWit Docs during the weekend as well as updated versions of OutWit Images and Outwit Hub.

OutWit Docs is a simple WebTop Document Finder, based on our Kernel. It allows you to search through Websites and search engines for documents and it will present the results as an operating system would, either in icon view or as a list of files.

oW Docs looks for text files, spreadsheets, presentations in various formats (including PDF, MS Office, OpenOffice documents, RTF, CSV…).

In this version, the filtering & automatic selection options are somewhat basic (name, file type…), but we are going to improve these along the way. As we cannot download all the result files to explore their contents, we are working on a multi-layered filtering process to refine the query, refine the selection and search the content of the most pertinent files only.

As for all our products, your suggestions will be extremely welcome.┬áIn the meantime, we hope that you’ll enjoy this program.


6 Responses to “OutWit Docs beta was released”

  1. kartal Says:


    It does not work on minefield 3.6

  2. kl Says:

    Since minefield 3.6 is still in the alpha stage we have not yet begun to make it compatible but certainly will when the time comes.

  3. Randhir Says:

    Guys, this is a phenomenal tool. I found out about it today and already used it to save me hours of cutting and pasting! Great job!

  4. Uli Kaiser Says:

    I think that OUTWIT DOCS is great but I don’t exactly understand how to use it. I can search, double click on PDFs to open and then save … but the “great efficient workflow” I don’t understand. Would be nice to have a step by step tutorial


  5. Joel Haas Says:

    Love the program! You do need to update your blog more and to have some sort of program of telling people what the most recent updates are (bug fixes, features, etc). You really hurt the promotion of this with the minimalist approach.
    One feature I’d like to see is a grab background images, so I don’t have to do a screen grab whenever somebody has gone all super paranoid and covered an image with a spaceball.gif.

  6. jcc Says:

    We are working on a better site. I hope you’ll see improvement in the coming months.
    As for the background images, the Hub is supposed to grab them. If you have specific cases where it is not working, please send them to us via the bug report page from the Feedback menu in the Hub.